Friday, December 23, 2005

Here comes the birthday girl

Many thanks to all of you who have gathered
for my birthday, offering wishes and adventure. I am sorry I have not been
a regular traveler on this caravan--sometimes my life gets a bit crazy--but today is my birthday, and as you can see, I am dressed for this occasion.
I am ready to dance, to ride the magic carpet,
and to drink deeply of life!
I am proud to call you friends, and am
making serious resolutions for the new year
to travel along once again.
But now, I must go--I see the tall dark stranger
approaches once again for a dance!
PS: Heather, a magnificent job on the advent calendar.
You deserve a long rest!


At 2:39 PM, Blogger Gail Kavanagh said...

You look sensational! (I thought Lavengro was looking a bit dreamy eyed as well...)

At 4:53 PM, Blogger le Enchanteur said...

This is just dreamy Karen. You look simply beautiful on your birthday. Don't fret about the craziness of life distracting you. We all have plenty of time to play and I am sure the land of the Caravanserai will come to the top of the Faraway Tree.

At 5:42 AM, Blogger Karen said...

Thank you darlings! That Lavengro is quite a dancer- I am plumb tuckered out today. I had a spectacular birthday.

At 9:40 PM, Blogger Lois said...

You see what music can do.....No film star lookers even needed,just one who is good at the Dance.
Every woman's dream for a blissfull Birthday...How can you top this....
( Muse of the Sea)

At 5:05 PM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

Stylish and exotic!


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