Sunday, December 25, 2005

No camel

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Greetings from Deadwood Hall & The Chamber of Horrors

I've traveled far and wide just to join my friends here in the Caravanserai.

Happy Holidays to You All
Anita Marie

happy birthday Karen

Dear Karen,
a very happy birthday for yesterday and I hope you will go on to do great things in your second half

Happy Holidays!

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Friday, December 23, 2005

To Market - by Lois

To market to market
to meet one and all
Fran & Heather and Luna and all
Home again home again
I think not just yet
I'm having a ball ,as is my pet
Now Anita shows faces that frighten the dead
I can't resist looking even in dread
Now Karens deep thoughts
Make me think of times past
Of dreaming and meanings so dearly said
But now on the breeze
that blows from the bay
I say to myself
What a journey ! I'll stay!
If Faucon keeps writing
There's a song in my heart
For the women & men who's names
are not all forgotten and are such a big part
I don't really mind
I rarely feel blue
I'll close this I call rhyme
for its cuppa tea time.

Loving thoughts to one and all.
(For Luna) "market to market"
Lois (Muse of the Sea)

Ancient Thought for Christmas

when you find a man whose simple smile
casts light into the shadows
of your soul's loneliness …
follow him

the scrolls of Eskiyalı

Here comes the birthday girl

Many thanks to all of you who have gathered
for my birthday, offering wishes and adventure. I am sorry I have not been
a regular traveler on this caravan--sometimes my life gets a bit crazy--but today is my birthday, and as you can see, I am dressed for this occasion.
I am ready to dance, to ride the magic carpet,
and to drink deeply of life!
I am proud to call you friends, and am
making serious resolutions for the new year
to travel along once again.
But now, I must go--I see the tall dark stranger
approaches once again for a dance!
PS: Heather, a magnificent job on the advent calendar.
You deserve a long rest!

Heather Puts Her Feet Up

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We have a problem travellers. Heather is sitting with a big straw in a very long drink, looking at the desert sands and tells me it is time to put our feet up. Bless her socks! I think I will leave her be for awhile. The calendar is all finished and she does need to enjoy it too.
yours Sibyl Enchanteur

Thursday, December 22, 2005

To market, to market...

To market, to market, to buy a fat pig,
Home again, home again, dancing a jig;
To market, to market, to buy a fat hog;
Home again, home again, jiggety-jog;
To market, to market, to buy a plum bun,
Home again, home again, market is done.

By Mother Goose

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Get Your Magic Carpet's Here

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The Marketplace near Sheba's old palace is the perfect place to acquire a magic carpet. Do take the time to have a magic carpet ride. You can have the carpet take you wherever your heart desires.

le Enchanteur Heading to the Pavilion

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le Enchanteur is heading to the Pavilion for Karen's birthday celebrations.

At the Pavilion...

The gypsy camp has been transported to the Pavilion of Earthly Delights - lanterns are strung threough the trees, fire eaters and tighrope walkers thrill the onlookers on the green sward and in the Pavilion, Prince Adiguzel and his new Princess sit under a silken canopy with their guest of honour, Karen. As she shares a glass of champagne with them, a tall dark handsome man makes his way through the throng.

No, it is not the Sheik of Araby - it is Lavengro, Gypsy Chief, arriving by flying carpet to claim as his right the first dance with our special guest. He whisks her out onto the dance floor and the band strikes up a lively tune. Everyone stops to watch the couple on the dance floor.
Later in the evening we gather on the green sward outside the Pavilion to watch the fireworks and the gypsies put on a show of dancing and tumbling, a spectacular climax to a wonderful evening filled with light and love.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Not Dancing

It is a feature or necessity of a Bedouin tent that the protecting outer flaps and layers are separate from those that enclose the inner chambers. This allows me to stand and watch the dancing and trysting maneuvers and ploys of the Sheik and harem wantabe's.

I guess I have always been on the outside looking in at these things. In high school I was sorta gangly and flat-chested, but still could have gone to more proms had I not been trained that I could not refuse a date request, even from George, except by not going at all. In college my growth reversed itself and I then received attention from those who didn't know my name before. I reluctantly went to a nightclub where a former football hero approached and said he would like to get to know me better. He was looking at my chest at the time, and I shocked my friends by saying, "Well I am up here, not down there. Try again when you are a little taller."

It was sometimes a problem protecting the girls from men. Sadly, there are those who feel that any female who is unattractive and even deformed should be so appreciative of attention that they will put up with abusive attention. 'quoise could have held here own at any performance before a Sheik or king, but was protected by here innocence and sharp elbows and instinct. She was once arrested for breaking a man's finger that was in her bra at the time. The judge let her off because she is 'retarded' and didn't know any better.

I divorced my former "mister wonderful" when it turned out he had lied about wanting children. Turned out that he had several un-named children already. Obviously the woman's fault. He saw no inconsistency in not want "legal" children, while feeling free knock up anyone for free. Maybe if I had gone to more dances I would have known better. But if I did choose to seek another man in my life I wouldn't use a dance card. Does anyone know of a spiritual and moral credit app anywhere?


Sunday, December 18, 2005


Oh for the romance,the romance of the dance.
I dream it to be so ,once again
The closness of two
who glide and sweep and sway on
the terrain of their making.
Tis that youth has passed me by
is no reason to forget!!!!!
The many times I danced
on that ballroom floor by the sea in St Kilda.
The large dark stained doors,brass handles,old but beautiful
open to a breath of air.
Young ones ,passions and hot breaths
needed cooling
Young maidens in frocks of organza and lace
No plunging necklines
but full bosoms to tempt amid the folds and gatherings of
soft materials
The orchestra of 20 on centre stage
swirling couples circled around and around
She sang jazz and old time rhythms,she is long gone
Her voice remains on records and cd's ,not forgotten
by me and those of the 1950's scene,a jazz singer renowned
We walked home after midnight,all together,no paired couples
30 or more girls and boys of 18 or so
Shoes were taken off tired feet,and held in the hand by the strap
It was romantic I remember,some held hands,others too shy
Boys egged each other on,to take up the challenge
"Go on hold her hand" they whispered pushing the young shy lad foward
Young lasses were less shy ,and if they were,they held the hand of
their girlfriend.
My favourite best dress was green,fine cotton 3/4 length
with a fuzzy wuzzy green bolero made by my Aunt Nell.
Shoes were gold ,thick heel for dancing but quite high
As a 4'11 lass why did tall young men always asked me dance?
Bending my head in the modern waltz made me feel dizzy
To rest my head on a tall youth's chest was romance indeed
I could hear his heart beating faster and faster.
I wasn't sure what it meant ,at 18 we were not well versed
as todays young are .....
Today I still believe that the dance will always be
"Ecstasy &Passion like no other"

Lois (Muse of the Sea) 19-12-05

Invitation to the Pavilion of Earthly Delights

The prince goes to meet his bride

The beauteous Parveneh

The Pavilion of Earthly Delights

I have received a communication from Lavengro:

Dearest Travellers,

While you are adventuring on the Silk Road, we have not forgotten you, nor our sworn promise to celebrate your birthdays and anniversaries.
I have been in touch with my dear friend Prince Adiguzel, whose mother was a Gypsy dancer, like mine. The Prince will be celebrating his wedding to the beauteous Lady Parvaneh this month. This is a true love match and the Prince and Paveneh are very happy to share the occasion with Karen, who celebrates her birthday on the 23rd. Adiguzel has thrown open his palace and grounds to you, so please use your magic carpets to be at the Pavilion of Earthly Delights on December 23, where there will be dancing and feasting and much joy for our dear friends.
My cousins the Gypsies will also be there to entertain the guests with feats of daring such as fire eating and tightrope walking.
Le Enchanteur has kindly lent me a magic carpet so I may have the first dance with our own guest of honour – so I will see you there.
I hear the ladies have been to a ball with the Sheik of Araby. Beware of this man. No doubt he is charming, but his camels have more honour. I will not have him trifle with ladies of such quality.

Yours respectfully,

Gypsy Chief