Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Olde Soul 2

today is perfect
if you cannot see it, or be it
living in yesterday will give no peace
and will stifle tomorrow's imagination

the scrolls of Eskiyalı

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Meeting at Pilgrim's Well

Pilgrims gather at Pilgrims Well.

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They are briefly housed in tents to freshen, check provisions and find their camel. It is a busy encampment. Everyone is expectant.

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At dusk, roped four abreast, the column of camels shuffles in the darkness, out and across the rocky plain, each following the shadowy forms of the four in front.

The drivers and passengers intemittently doze in the saddle, jerk awake, doze again. From a distance the sweeping train is marked by the swaying of lanterns and the faint accompaniment of tambourines.

In the east the sky lightens. Camels gurlgle, bray, balk, stride on as tired as the pilgrims who are riding them. Everyone stolidly goes on at the insistent command of the caravan leader.

It is a sharp eyed camel boy at the head of the columun who first spots the tiny smudge on the horizon appearing. The disappearing in the shimmering light. Pushing towards it the caravan moves onto the floor of a small valley, then forces its way up a steep ridge and stops. Everyone looks, their gazes awash with emotion. The first of the Caravanserai's is in view.

Make sure to mentally take in all the details of the pilgrims well and the journey to the first Caravansai. This trip has been uneventful. No bandits even approached the group. Use your senses to evoke a sense of time, place and emotion.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Olde Soul 1

I will occationally post some ancient sayings
attributed to Eskiyali from the great Carvanserai
at Gyor in the 13th century, from my pending book 'Olde Soul'


treat every interaction with another,
be they friend or stranger,
as a chance for spiritual trade,
the 'alış verış yapmak' of old,
to 'faire make give and take'.
place your past delusions
into a tight drawn velvet purse
and swap for a basket of everLight.

the scrolls of Eskiyalı

Saturday, November 26, 2005


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The flute player is calling travellers, luring them with her sweet music to come and join her on a magical caravanserai expedition. The tour will take travellers to new and old Silk Road destinations and introduce new characters. The path leads through the Mountains of Myrrh towards the House of the Serpents and patient camels wait to take their hosts. Can you resist the call?